CASE Studies

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Leloca: An Instant, Nearby Deals Mobile App

Leloca connects merchants and consumers in real time. It offers geo-targeted deals--instant offers that can be used immediately. Leloca users get on-demand deals and can search for deals within a certain distance radius.

It provides merchants who sell excess inventory or perishable goods - restaurant reservations, tickets for events etc - an opportunity to increase their yield. In addition, the deals can be offered in specific neighborhoods, thereby allowing merchants to reduce to reduce the negative impact of channeling existing customers to discounts.

Key features for Merchants include:

  • Instantly configure any deal by location and time
  • GeoTarget customers ("offer deals everywhere except in a selected area")
  • Limit number of deals, Instant On/Off
  • Push Notfication for Deals
  • Real time view of deals taken, deals redemeed
  • No paperwork.
  • Manage deals on iPhone, Android or Web

Key features for Consumers include:

  • Look for deals in vicinity ("show me all restaurants within a 10 mile radius with deals")
  • Search based on best deals, distance, category
  • Pick your deal and get the deal code
  • Redeem by simply showing mobile phone to Merchant or scanning QSR code display.
  • Get notifications from your favorite merchants
  • No paperwork.
  • Use iPhone or Android

Technolgies used:

  • Native iOS app in Objective C
  • Android
  • Java, AJAX, Struts, Hibernate, RSS
  • Linux, JBOSS, MyQL
  • QSR code and Push Technology.
  • Optimized algorithm for speed to identify locations within a specific radius

We worked with the client from the high level concept stage to solution architecture to final deployment and support of the application. Our offshore consultants assisted the client in thinking through the set of capabilities and functions required in each release of the application, development of function requirements, including use-cases, creation of the technical architecture and design, construction, testing and deployment.

PromoteHD: Trade show marketing support app

Our client is a leading outsourcer of trade show services. We were engaged to help create a mobile app that the client could incorporate within the services provided to customers and, thereby, differentiate their offerings.

The client now provides customers – marketing staff who are exhibiting at trade shows – with iPad devices with this app installed on them. Using this app, customers can automatically download marketing information - product catalogs for instance - from their websites and display it off-line on their mobile devices to interested visitors at their booths.

In addition, the app includes the capability to scan cards of prospects who have expressed interest and forward them to a specified email address for subsequent follow up by marketing/sales staff. This is a very flexible application that can be used by all of the client customers. No customer specific information is stored on the iPad. Rather, the app dynamically obtains the URL from which to download marketing information from a specific location on the client’s server.

Our mobile team developed this as a native iOS app in Objective C. Total effort to develop and deploy the app was approximately 5 person months with a duration of 2.5 calendar months.

Philips Healthcare: Sales and Service Mobile App

A Division of Philips Healthcare, was seeking a tool to increase the effectiveness of their existing sales and support teams. We worked closely with the client's marketing team to create a mobile app and web interface that:

  • Allows the complete product catalog to be displayed off-line on mobile devices.

  • Provides for customer registration with customer data saved on a remote server.

  • Downloads product specific training and technical content including videos for customers and internal staff to view off-line, when working on machine maintenance in a hospital or clinic.

  • Provides a directory of key Philips sales and support staff along with their job function allowing them to be easily contacted via email or with a phone call using just a simple tap.

  • Automatic notification, updating and installation of new product content from a remote Philips server.

  • A web administrator interface for security purposes approving users to download the proprietary content.

Technolgies used:

  • Native iOS app in Objective C for iDevices.
  • Sencha and Phone Gap based App for Android and other devices.
  • Native Android shell to download, unzip and display Sencha based "How to" training and technical content.
  • .Net and C# for Server Application.
  • XML
  • ,

Our team worked with the client from the high level concept stage, through the solution architecture to the final deployment and support of the mobile app. Our consultants assisted the client in thinking through the set of capabilities and functions required for each release of the app. This included the development of functional requirements, such as use-cases, and the creation of the technical architecture and design. From this we constructed, tested and deployed each app release. We are now providing on-going support.


New Dimension Media: An On Demand Multimedia System for K-12 Schools

Our client owns more than 2,500 programs and 30,000 teaching segments. The content has been created by educators especially for the classroom. All the content has been carefully correlated to meet state and national education standards.

The Classroom Content system is an intuitive web based platform that delivers the content and provides a multitude of capabilities to administrators, teachers and students. The system is shipped as a server appliance and can also be deployed as a cloud based model. It is compatible with IE and FireFox on Windows and with Safari on Mac.

We built this system from scratch - Requirements to Integration Testing - using our Methodology and our Global Delivery Model.

Key system features include:

  • Virtual Classroom live - Ability for teacher to teach remotely using virtu classroom. Virtu classroom has presentation, steaming video, chat and student attendance build in one screen.

  • Content Playback - Video, Audio, Flash and externly subscribed content using RSS. Near DVD quity video playback. Ability to play specific chapter, rewind, pause and play content in full screen.

  • Content Management - New Program creation, uploading of content, defining content chapters and creation of associated student multiple choice assessment

  • Search - Integrated search on video, audio, FLASH and subscribed RSS content. Users can search based on curriculum, subject, grade, keywords and standards. Sorting on relevance, content type, etc.

  • Domain Hierarchy - Security and content access provided based on building/school/district/region/state hierarchy.

  • Playlist - Users can create and manage multiple playlists. Allows mixing of various programs.

  • Content download - Automatic transcoding of content lows a user to export content.

  • Image capture of Video during playback - A snapshot can be captured as an image during playback of a video for inclusion in presentations and homework assignments.

  • Video and Audio bookmarks - Ability to create and manage bookmarks including book marking specific points in a program.

  • Live Events - Ability to view live events that are being broadcasted by the school.

  • User defined restriction to content - Authorized users can make any content they deem inappropriate for their instlation, invisible.

  • Assessments - Teachers can create and give assessments to students. Assessments are automaticly graded and teachers can run various assessments reports.

  • Recently Accessed Content - Automated feature that keeps track of last 10 items a user has accessed.

  • User Management - Admin can manage users and roles either in the intern database or using LDAP from extern systems.

  • LDAP compatible - System can use either its own intern database for users and groups or it can authenticate users and retrieve group information from an extern directory server via LDAP.

  • System management - Administrators can perform various system management tasks including archiving, shutdown and warm reboot.

  • Reports - System provides usage and activity reports.

  • ITunes and Extern System Integration - External systems can inquire system for various search criteria. System provides search criteria vues through XML and search results through RSS.

Consistent with our Global Delivery Model, the Define phase and initial Technical Architecture phase - including database design - were performed by the US team. Detailed design and programming were performed offshore to reduce costs. Total project effort by both teams over 2 phases of project exceeds effort of 4.75 person years.

Technologies: employed consists of

  • Java
  • AJAX
  • Struts
  • Hibernate
  • Darwin Media server
  • FLEX
  • Adobe
  • Red5 media server
  • Lucene search engine
  • Linux,
  • JBoss and
  • MySQL database

Linux and MySQL were chosen by the client to minimize server appliance cost, preserve the flexibility to operate on a Linux platform and develop using an "industry standard" platform.

A Complete Student Information System

The Student Information System (SIS) is a Cloud based school management software suite that automates and integrates a school's total operations and processes.

This SIS connects every school function with each other and provides consistent and accurate information on demand. With state-of-the-art technology, teachers, administrators and staff can be assured that the system will be available and reliable at all times.

Key features include:

Education Delivery:

  • Examination and Evaluation
  • Student Attendance
  • Education Videos
  • Online Homework/Assignments

Student Management:

  • Student Information System
  • Student Transportation
  • Information flow & communication
  • Online display of results

Employee Information System:

  • Employee management
  • Attendance and Vacation Management
  • Payroll Processing
  • Time Tables and Scheduling
  • Library Management

Finance and Accounts:

  • Fee processing
  • Accounts Payables/Receivables
  • Financial Reports


  • .Net, C#
  • LINQ
  • Sencha, EXT-JS
  • SQL Server, Mongo DB
  • Crystal Reports

Our team developed the whole system from the concept stage through the solution architecture. Then to the final deployment and support of the application. Our consultants assisted in defining the set of capabilities and functions required in each release of the application, From that point we developed the functional requirements, created the technical architecture and design, completed the construction, testing and deployment of the system.

Business process re-engineering for an On-Line Learning Division of an Major Education Institution

Business process re-engineering consulting to provide better student service, scalability and cost control.

Our client is one of the fastest growing businesses in the industry. This rapid growth had put severe pressure on existing processes that served its customers - to the extent that they were presenting a constraint to future growth. We approached this engagement in a well defined, results oriented manner.

To avoid the possibility of "paralysis through analysis", a strict time-box of 4 weeks was placed on the Data Gathering and Analysis phases of this exercise. Our team identified 7 key business processes. Approximately 35 staff members spanning all major departments were interviewed and current state documents developed to describe the 35 sub processes that comprised the 7 key processes. Opportunities for improvement were documented.

Our consultants facilitated a 1½ day re-engineering workshop attended by the leadership team. More than 80 improvement opportunities were identified, discussed and prioritized. A simple Impact vs Implementation complexity matrix was used to identify the "low hanging fruit" which could be implemented immediately. Just a few of these have the potential to save the client more than $1MM over the next 2 years - not to mention the addition benefits of faster, more prompt service to their customers and room for scability.

Data Warehousing Initiative for a large, Educational Institution

Leading the creation of a corporate data warehousing infrastructure at 600 Million dollar educational institution. Initial "low hanging" fruit were identified and a business case created for a data mart. This is to be the first in a series of data warehousing projects at our client. The overall architecture developed, the methodology employed and Reporting and ETL tools selected will become standards for use in subsequent data warehousing projects across organization.

Project Management for the Restructuring of a Student Finance Department at Large University

Our Client's Financial Aid department is responsible for disbursing loans for more than 30,000 students/year. As part of a corporate initiative to contain costs, the client has decided to outsource most of the processes related to servicing student loans to a Business Process Outsourcing vendor.

Our assistance was sought in the restructuring of the department and transitioning it from its "current state" to the "future" outsourced state where only select functions such as disbursement, QA, escalation desk call center etc. were retained by client staff.

Key performance objectives of this project were to:

  • Transition approximately 50 distinct processes within an aggressive time period of less than 2 months without having a negative impact on service to students.

  • Ensure performance by the vendor both in terms of volume of loans processed and their accuracy.

  • Modify existing infrastructure to support the new outsourced model.

One of our Principals, operating as the Restructuring Project Manager, worked closely with client managers and introduced an organized project management approach with detailed project/production plans and clearly defined roles/responsibilities. In addition, "soft" issues related to employee morale and cooperation between vendor and client teams were addressed separately. Finally, a "dashboard" was created to enable the department head to keep track of production during this critical period and re-assign resources as necessary.

Adding new Functions and enhancements to a Learning Management System

Our client is a leading provider of a cloud based Learning Management System to corporations and universities across the globe. The product is based on a .NET platform. It supports many different audio, video and text formats including, but not limited to, industry standard SCORM objects and is integrated with Moodle.

We have an ongoing partnership with the client to add significant new components to the existing product. Features implemented were support for certifications, printing and viewing certificates and significant enhancements to existing Course Management and eCommerce functionality.

Our global development model enables the client to work with a local project manager and, at the same time, realize significant price leverage through the use of their offshore development resources.

A Student Finance Budget System

Our client, a leading provider of health training has experienced incredible growth, particularly for their on-line courses. The Number of students served has grown by an order of magnitude in 3 years – to approx 8,000 students. This rapid growth has created the need for the automation of existing processes to enable client administrative staff to continue to serve students effectively and in a timely manner.

The Student Finance Budget system is one such process. Our consultants assisted the client in the development of an application to enable The Student Finance staff to keep track of costs for each student. Since the specific functional details were not decided at the start of the project, we employed an agile approach consisting of iterative prototyping in development. This was determined to be acceptable because of the relatively small size and self contained nature of the application.

The application required approximately 12 person weeks of development effort. Technologies employed were C# in a .NET environment. The success of this initial engagement was attested to by continuing active engagement with the client.


Dynamism: Electronics and Gadgets eCommerce Site

Dynamism is a cutting edge e-commerce website integrated with the cloud based NetSuite System which is used for back office functions. Our client provides the latest electronic items including high end laptops and gadgets in the United States and internationally that are not commonly available elsewhere.

The website uses the latest AJAX technology while at the same time supporting search engine crawling for non-AJAX functions. Apart from the normal features of an eCommerce site, the site features a laptop configuration and a mobile configuration, with near real time inventory and account management.

A catalog management system was created to manage categories, products, SKUs, product attributes, product configurations and inventory. The site is integrated with Netsuite, a cloud based accounting system, using Netsuite's webservices for order processing and other back-office functions.

Technolgies used:

  • Java
  • Ajax
  • Struts
  • Hibernate
  • Linux
  • JBoss
  • MySQL
  • Netsuite
  • Web Services
Fashionara: A Magento based eCommerce Site

Our client runs an apparel eCommerce site. Great visual content and excellent service equal a great shopping experience.

Fashionara is a venture based start-up in the retail apparel industry. It's founders are industry veterans and its investors include some leading Silicon Valley based venture capital firms.

Key features of the site for consumers include:

  • Instant and easy shopping with simple checkout options
  • Easy and Free Merchandise Returns
  • A GeoTarget delivery option that offers quicker delivery in certain areas
  • Merchandise Selection Filters based on Type, Price, Size etc.
  • A "Lookbook" feature where you can actually shop the look created by an in house fashion team
  • The ability to see clothes being modelled in a video catalog

Technologies used:

  • Magento, Magento Extensions, PHP
  • Amazon Web Services
  • MySQL
  • Rest API, Shipping API, Payment Gateway
  • Optimized algorithm to speed-up shopping

The client has adopted a hybrid model for development of their technology infrastructure consisting of an e-commerce engine integrated with CRM and Logistics/Delivery components. Their strategy is to leverage a selected partner to augment their own in-house technical resources. Our staff was instrumental in getting this site into production meeting a very aggressive timeline. We have a lot of experience in a high energy, short time table environments that are typical of startups.

Provider of Environmentally Friendly Products

Our client distributes and markets environmentally friendly products including furniture, composters, gardening accessories, and housewares. We developed a comprehensive e-commerce system that included integrated customer service, back office and logistics functions. Besides orders that come through email and the phone the eCommerce site is their only marketing and sales engine.

We began our work with our Project Management Advisory Services. Disciplines that are part of the our methodology were put in place to bring what was deemed a "runaway project" back into control. This initial relationship was expanded to complete management, design and development of a comprehensive eCommerce System. Since the web represents the client's sole marketing/sales interface, this site is critical to their future success. In addition, customer service, back office and logistics functions would automate many of the manual processes currently in place.

Consistent with our Global Delivery Model, the define phase and initial technical architecture phase - including database design - were performed by our US based team. The detailed design and programming was performed offshore to reduce costs. The total project effort by both teams exceeded 2 person years.

The Technology employed consists of Java using Struts framework, Linux and an Oracle database. This choice was determined by the client's desire to minimize startup costs, preserve the flexibility to operate on a Linux platform using an "industry standard" platform.

A Manufacturer and Distributor of Imaging and Night Vision Equipment

Our client is a world leader in integrated night vision photography and video systems. They manufacture and distribute advanced near infrared, night vision and thermal imaging systems for use in industry, law enforcement and by military customers around the world.

The client has been in business for more than 30 years. However, they had a pure HTML based static site and were struggling to manage and update content themselves quickly and efficiently. In addition, they wanted to have an impressive and significant web presence that would enable them to market their products directly through the internet. As a result we created a new corporate web presence for them that included a catalog management system with eCommerce capabilities.

We developed a robust and dynamic website for the client. Through site content administration and a catalog management system, the client's marketing staff are now able to enter data and images themselves and publish them immediately. The Technology employed consisted of Microsoft ASP and SQL server.

Our Global Delivery Model enabled us to provide onshore service at offshore costs. Our US-based team was responsible for the define phase, the high level technical design and for ongoing project management, thereby providing the client team members with ready access to a local team for discussions regarding functionality, design choices, etc. and insulating them from offshore specific issues such as time differences. At the same time, client benefited from overnight implementation of many changes.

Increasingly, the web now serves as the main marketing engine for the client. This improved presence has resulted in a 300% increase in volume of leads generated. Further, they are so able to distribute their products information more efficiently and accurately.

The success of this engagement is evidenced by the fact that the client has chosen us to develop and maintain some of their core applications using our Global Delivery Model. Applications to be developed include software to interface and reside in a mobile handheld equipment.

A Fortune 500 Firm in The Travel Industry

This was an eBusiness Redesign and Development project.

Our client is a major firm in the travel industry. Redesign of their existing eBusiness presence was critical to their on-going profitability. It affects their ability to reduce costs, increase market share and, directly impacts their operational flexibility.

The eBusiness presence, which includes a revamped website, was developed using a component based service architecture. This enables various components to be exposed through services, to other elements in the supply chain.

Our consultants were team members working on various functions such as:

  • Content Internationalization.

  • Content management, where content is provided based on location using domain and user selection of a specific country. The content is exposed through services and can be made available in multiple formats.

  • Past transactions of users based on Open Travel Industry standards.

  • Auto-enrollment of users.

  • Searching by schedule, price and rewards.

  • Vacation search including implementation of fuzzy logic.

  • Final review steps in the booking process.

  • User information like address change, etc.

  • Results caching.

  • Implemented a caching algorithm to enable high speed data access by storing part of the database in memory. 

Some of the technologies used were Java, XML, STRUTS, J2EE, Custom Tags, Vignette, XSD, JSP, JAXB, Oracle. All of the development was done with a test driven development approach using JUnit.

An Industrial Goods Trading Exchange System

Our team developed a complete cloud based on-line industrial trading marketplace complete with a secure buy/sell automated “trading floor” and auction site for commodity manufactured items. This application was a custom turnkey solution developed for an internet trading company.

Technologies: Oracle development tools and an Oracle Database in a Unix environment.

Project Scope: Over 4,000 Man-hours.

Marketing and Advertising

Flipbook: for a leading provider of web marketing and advertising services

Our client is one of the leading providers of web marketing and advertising services to online newspapers and retail advertisers. We were engaged to augment their existing platform that enables consumers to find the best local deals, by adding a Flipbook for advertisers.

This provides an interface much like a book of advertisements that a consumer can page through and includes features such as Product Pop-ups, category and brand based navigation, searching and sorting, ability to list and jump to different circulars, sharing through Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.

The engagement started with creative design. Three separate concepts were created in PhotoShop and presented to the client. The final design selected was then implemented with the above features using Adobe FLEX in the Cairngorm framework, Web Services and C#.NET. Development effort was approximately 6 person months over a 3 month duration.

On-Line Ad Publisher: Print Advertisement Extraction Application
Our client provides services to convert print ads to online ads to most of the top retailers in USA.

Among other FLEX based Ad processing tools, a rules based extraction system was created in which user specified rules are used to "understand" and automatically extract and parse unstructured data in Print Ad files and save that information in separate fields in a database, for subsequent access by multiple applications. This system also extracts images and creates hotspots, thus reducing the work load of the graphics team.

Business Problem:

Streamline the current cumbersome and manual effort required in the extraction of data and images from PDF files and creation of hotspots, with, a semi-automated procedure supported by this SoftStar developed application.


A proof of concept was created in an initial 3 week analysis phase. Based on the understanding from this 3 week effort, a rules based extraction process was employed in which user specified rules were used to “understand” and automatically extract and parse unstructured data in PDF files and save that information in separate fields in a database, for subsequent access by multiple applications.

This process also extracts images and creates hotspots, thus reducing the work load of the graphics team. Further, to improve system performance, the application uses low resolution PDFs for the client front-end application. The original high quality images at the server backend are then extracted from high resolution PDF files using the image information gathered during extraction process.

Features include

  • Rule Engine – Users can create rules based on text attributes, keywords and patterns for different listing fields and specify formatting to parsed text.

  • Text Extraction - Users can apply retailer or promotion specific rules to extract, parse and format text and Images for a listing from PDF files.

  • As part of listing extraction process, user can choose to automatically create hotspots for a listing on a PDF page. These hot spots can be attached to one or more advertisement listings.

  • Image Extract – Users can extract listing images from a low resolution PDF and tie one of the images to a listing. The application extracts a high resolution image from a high resolution PDF on backend through a batch process based on the image information gathered at front end. It also provides simple work flow capability to graphics users to correct the images.

  • System Integration - Integrated with existing systems so that application could be in place by the 2006 holiday season without requiring major changes and training to other existing systems.

  • Technologies - DotNet, C#, SQL Server and a 3rd party PDF extraction library.

    On-line Ad Publisher: Automated PDF Creation Application

    Our client provides services to convert print ads to online ads to most of the top retailers in USA.

    Business Problem

    Automate the tedious and time consuming manual process that the graphics team uses to create the same size low resolution PDF's, high resolution PDF's and Page Images from retailer provided PDF files. This is needed to make the automatic data/image/hotspot extraction work in the Ad Extract and other applications.


    Created an application that allows users to work with a batch of PDF files and automatically create desired PDFs and Page Images. Adobe tools such as Acrobat, Distiller and Photoshop were integrated and used extensively to provide this capability.

    Features include

    Cropping of PDF files – Based on crop marks within the PDF or specified by the user, the application crops the PDF to eliminate printing related markings.

    Padding and resizing of PDF files – Finds the maximum dimension of a PDF page among the batch of PDF files, then pads and resizes all PDFs accordingly. User can manually specify the desired dimension. padding and resizing creates PDF pages of the same size thus allowing multi-page Flash layout on retailer web sites.

    Creation of low resolution and high resolution PDF files – Reduces the quality of images to create low resolution PDFs that can be used by operations to extract and enter data. Network performance is dramatically improved as the network load is greatly reduced. High resolution files are used later to extract high quality images based on information captured during data extraction process.

    ADD page security code – This allows publishing of listing pages to the production environment in advance of a sale, and prevents consumers from accessing sales ads before their effective dates.

    Creation of page images – From high resolution files, this creates JPG images of pages that are used in retailer sites to display an image of actual newspaper inserts.

    Reports – At the end of the batch process, the application creates a report of processed PDFs and their output files.

    Technologies and Tools - DotNet, C#, SQL Server, and Acrobat, Distiller and Photoshop libraries.

    A Marketing Award and Redemption System

    Project Description

    A secure internet application used to incent employees and customers. Employees are awarded points based on their goal attainment. Customers are awarded points based on their buying behavior, including loyalty, volume and purchase frequency, to multiple vendors. Points can then be exchanged for merchandise. Every award issuer is also an award redeemer. The application is a custom turnkey solution. We created the portion of the site that awarded the points, along with features such as foolproof security. We also developed a Web Masters toolkit which is a stand alone application that made it easy for Mypoints customers (webmasters) to integrate their internet based systems to the Mypoints point award system.

    Technologies: Developed for both a Unix and Windows environment, using Java, and Oracle.

    Project Scope: Over 10,000 Man-hours.


    Healthcare Projects

    A Brief Listing of Our Healthcare Experience:

    • Management of the HIPAA Compliance initiative for EDI transactions and privacy for a State Medicaid agency.
    • Multi-year engagement that included Analysis, Design and Implementation of various systems for a $400MM Health Maintenance Organization:
      • Online & EDI Claims Adjudication
      • Provider Contracting
      • Financial systems, including Capitation and Medical Incentives
      • Enrollment Management
      • Pharmacy Claims Management
    • Multi-year engagement for the largest not-for-profit chain of dialysis clinics:
      • Assessment and recommendation of corporate computing architecture
      • Analysis, Design, Development and Deployment of a complete Clinic Information System with tablet PC's to enable direct recording at patient's bedside
      • Integration with Business System
    • Quotation system used by 3000+ agents at regional Health, and and Life Insurance Company
    • Product development to assist a premier provider of Home Healthcare software and services
    • Assist a major nursing industry association with development of a core system


    A Portal for a Global ERP Vendor

    This project consisted of a management consulting portal for Consultants and Partners around the world.

    Our client is the world's foremost ERP and business applications vendor with offices around the globe. The client decided to implement a Management Consulting Portal to address the challenge of knowledge sharing amongst consultants located all around the world.

    By enabling the easy sharing of methodologies, project experiences and case studies, the portal would help build communities amongst the client's Consultants and Partners. Client management needed a solution that could be developed fast and low their consultants to upload and manage content by themselves.

    We addressed this challenge by employing Microsoft's Sharepoint software in a unique manner. SharePoint software was customized and integrated with the rest of the site to provide a seamless interface with other portal pages and make the portal seem like an integrated whole to an end user. Apart from loading and managing content, users were able to change the attributes and layout of different document libraries from the portal itself.

    The portal employed SharePoint features to provide document libraries and links, news and discussion board. In addition, users could download and synchronize methodology for offline use. Through role based security, security measures were put in place so that only authorized users could access various parts of the site, change methodology content through FrontPage or upload content in the portal.

    With this management consulting portal in place, the client is now able to share knowledge amongst consultants and partners in a cost effective, fast and simple manner.

    A Blue Chip Startup

    Technology assessment and offshore BPO consulting.

    Our client is a high profile startup funded by a Fortune 100 firm and top tier VC's. They are focused on developing technologies for their target vertical niche.

    Technology Assessment

    The client was aggressively seeking to gain critical mass by acquiring firms or technologies that could be tailored and offered to their customers. To this end, one of our Principal's was asked to evaluate competing technologies offered by firms under consideration and provide a recommendation of the firm to pursue for acquisition/partnership discussions.

    After obtaining an understanding of the client's business domain, the our Principal developed a list of attributes to evaluate the products. Attributes were weighted in terms of the level of effort it would take to modify them to make them "perfect for the client". Product marketing and engineering staff of candidate firms were interviewed extensively and software demos attended to enable the completion of this attributes matrix.

    This analysis driven approach yielded results that were significantly different from what was intuitively expected at the beginning. Attributes that were originally considered insignificant ended up being the most important determinants of the ideal acquisition/partnership candidate.

    As a result of the analysis, the client initiated discussions with the recommended vendor.

    Offshore BPO Consulting

    Advisory Consulting services were provided to the client to explore how offshore services could help increase margins and improve competitive positioning. Alternative vendors and approaches were developed and a business model created.

    The process consisted of the following steps:

    • Awareness Building. Presentations were made to the leadership team describing the "offshore BPO landscape" and the potential benefits such services could provide. Particular emphasis was paid on the successes experienced by firms in other industries and their applicability to the client's business.

    • Scoping. Potential services that could be provided offshore were explored and prioritized.

    • Business Models. Different business models were explored. Costs, benefits and potential risks of each approach were noted.

    Rather than provide a simple recommendation, we chose a more analysis driven approach where each alternative was laid out in detail for the client. This process was welcomed by the client as it allowed them to choose a go forward strategy that is most consistent with their goals and prevailing culture.

    The client recognizes how offshore services can enhance their competitiveness. Benefits include - increase in net income, ability to scale rapidly without capital investments, opportunity to price their services to attract the price sensitive segment of their market, etc.

    Test Application for Consumer Video Devices.

    Our client is a leader in programmable video test generator technology and provides test instruments and solutions to customers such as Sony, Hitachi, etc. We assisted the client in development of a software application that provides a flexible framework to automate testing of consumer devices for compliance with HDMI specifications - a rapidly emerging standard in the industry.

    The application allows users to select device types and specific compliance specifications - CEC, etc. - for which tests are to be performed. Compliance specific tests, expected results and commands, parameters and services to perform tests are all stored as data in XML format. This allows end clients to create their own test scenarios for different display devices using the commands and services provided by the the test instrument.

    A simple, intuitive interface allows users to walk through different sections and compliance tests, execute and view steps associated with each test and then print test results, including details of the step where the device under test may have failed. A "data driven" approach was employed to ensure that new device types and/or compliance specifications can be supported without requiring re-coding.

    Technologies and tools used were Java, Swing, Sockets, XML, Jude XMLSpy.