Salesforce, MS Dynamics, and SugarCRM projects are staffed with SoftStar Certified Industry Specialists

CRM Benefits:

  • A CRM system will connect the marketing, sales, customer service, and support functions of your business.
  • It can be integrated into your finance and accounting applications providing a financial view into a specific customer or set of customers aiding your decision making processes.
  • A CRM system can move your company from a product centric focus to a customer driven focus.
  • The CRM system does this through the integration of people, process and technology, using technology to help your people and your customers.
  • It is more than just technology, it is a business focus to understand your customer, and anticipate their needs for:.
    • potential new sales
    • proactively addressing service concerns
    • anticipating future resources required to stay competitive
    • targeting new clients

How SoftStar Can Help

  • SoftStar can begin with a solid review and analysis of your business from the bottom up and top down.
  • Once completed we can recommend the best solution, the most effective customizations and integrations to assure you get the most out of your CRM system.
  • Your company can benefit from a CRM implementation and use the same tools as billion dollar corporations.

Specific Technical Services Offered

  • Implementation Services
    • CRM Best Practices
    • Extensive Industry Experience and Knowledge
  • Integration Services
    • Integration with proprietary or package based on-premise or cloud based systems
    • Connecting all parts of the organization with CRM data
  • Optimization Services
    • Fine tune settings
    • Enhance existing CRM features
    • Optimize your system to operate with maximum efficiency
  • Development Services
    • Create powerful custom features for additional CRM functionality
    • Ideal for companies with unique needs
    • Analysis, design and development work can be done:
      • Onsite, at your facility
      • Offshore in our development facility
      • Hybrid onshore/offshore delivery model
  • Migration Services
    • Move your mission critical data to your CRM system
    • Port any additional functionality from your existing systems to your new environment
  • Support & Training
    • Many support packages options offered
    • Goal is to meet and exceed your adoption rate expectations

Technologies Supported

  • Microsoft Dynamics
  • SugarCRM

Functional Expertise

  • Sales and Marketing: Best practice expertise to ensure maximum efficiency of business development teams along the entire sales life cycle
  • Service and Support: Expertise in providing the best practice solutions and processes for service teams and call centers