Media & Publishing


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No industry has been more directly affected by the emergence of the internet than Media and Publishing:

  • Almost a quarter of total ad spending was on digital ads, 3.7% on mobile platforms alone
  • Given this, it is unsurprising that newspapers lost approximately $1 Billion of ad revenue in 2013 (from 2012)
  • Google's 2013 revenues were higher than those of the Magazine and Newspaper industries combines.

As firms look for ways to re-invent themselves and experimenting with revenue models in this New World, they need a technology partner such as us with immense technical depth and extensive experience in this industry.

  • Multimedia Content Management and Delivery system – Low cost solution developed using open source components.
  • eCommerce site for self-publishing – For a book publisher seeking a new revenue stream.
  • Content Delivery Application – developed a Classified Advertising component for a cloud based newspaper used to create and manage content. Allows the same content to be delivered on both print and web platforms.
  • Promotional Flyer - Graphic design and implementation of promotional "booklet". Implemented booklet in Flash with back end code to store electronic data. Supported gathering of statistics for analysis and reporting with the Adobe Marketing Cloud (formerly called Omniture).
  • PDF Extraction and Web Publishing for Promotions – Solution with rules based engine to extract data and images – generally advertisements - and serve over the web. Allows clients to offer existing newspaper promotions via the web.
  • Geo-Targeting Mobile Couponing App - Leloca ( - Connects merchants and consumers in real time. Intended for merchants offering excess capacity/inventory, and perishable goods. Offers deals by location and time, Geo-Targeting customers with Instant On/Off capability..